Professional native-speaker translation of documents from Italian, English and Spanish into French and from French into Italian. The fields of translation in which I specialise are Law, Economics, Business, Finance, Technology and Science


I work with CAT software (memoQ and Trados), which makes it possible to apply consistency to your documentation and easily track updates, if required. I work closely with you and your departments, to work with your specific terminology and products.

How do I request a quotation? Send the documents to be translated by e-mail or by using the contact form on this site. If your file(s) is/are large (more than 20 MB), send it/them via WeTransfer or other service provider to the following address: info@traduzione-madrelingua.com.

What are the evaluation criteria for the quotation? The quotation I give you is personalized. The criteria taken into account are: the language required, the electronic medium, the usability of the document to be translated (whether or not it is possible to overwrite a file), the volume of content (words to be translated), the degree of repetition of the texts within the document (analysed by a specific tool), the format and/or medium of the document or the delivery format of the translation, the presentation of the texts (tables and others), the presence of accessible or non-accessible images, and the deadline.
These reasons explain the importance of examining the document(s) to be translated in order to be able to provide an accurate quotation.

What language combinations are offered? The language combinations offered are: Italian-French, French-Italian, English-French, Spanish-French.

Is there a minimum charge? The length of the document is the first parameter to calculate the cost. There is no minimum length, however, for short translations, a minimum fee of 30.00 euros is applied.

What are the delivery times for the translation? The deadlines are defined with the customer and are respected. On average, count 2 working days for a translation of a few pages or 2000 words per working day.

Why not simply charge per page? Because a page can include 2 lines or 30. Fonts and line spacing can vary greatly. The text can be simple or very technical. That is why I ask to see the document(s) before I give a quotation, so that there are no surprises for the customer or me.

Is it more economical to translate in-house? Do you have a professional translator in-house? If not, think again. Knowing one language is one thing, knowing a second language is another, and knowing how to switch from one language to another is yet another. Are your skilled staff more valuable to you as translators or if they focus on their speciality?

What if I translate my documents with a web-based machine translation engine? This type of translation can be useful if you want to know roughly what the document is about. But for your business communication to rely on this type of translation seems foolhardy.

You contact me to ask me questions about the document to be translated. Is this normal? Yes, I read your document very carefully. I may spot unclear passages or encounter in-house terminology with which I am not familiar. The fact that I am contacting you is proof that I care about delivering a good quality job.

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